DC Ammeter Shunts | Electrical & Panel Applications

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“C” Style Shunt 1 to 500 Amps, 50 and 100 mV, Switchboard Shunt (pdf)
“E” Style Shunt 300 thru 1200 without Base (pdf)
“FL” style shunts 1,000-3,000
Shunts without base
“G”  Style Shunt  3,000 to 10,000
Multi Fin-Silvered Finish
“H” style Shunt   2,500-10,000 Amp
Multi Fin-Silvered Finish
“H’Style over 10,000 Amps (pdf)
 "L" Style Shunt 5 to 150, DC  Lightweight
Shunt with Base
“L” Style Shunt 170-600, DC Lightweight
Shunt with Base
“L”  Style Shunt  800-1200  Lightweight Shunt  with Base (pdf)
 "A" style shunt 1500 to 6000 A Solid End Block

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