Battery Chargers

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Sentinel 150 Automatic battery charger
Sentinel 150P Programmable switch mode charger
Sentinel 300P Programmable switch mode charger
CB12245A-UL Switchmode Charger for 12V or 24V
SMPS-1210/2410 Switchmode Battery Chargers with Display
SMPS 12V and 24V Battery Chargers
SM82A Switchmode range of chargers
CVR12 & CVR24 Battery High and Low Voltage monitoring relays
LVD12 & LVD24 Low Voltage Disconnect relays

Feature-Rich Battery Chargers … But Low-Cost!

A complete offering of battery chargers from PC&S provide manual or fully automatic, heavy duty, current limited charging of vented lead acid or nickel cadmium batteries. 

Our switchmode power supply design enables us to provide chargers which are compact and light, with high power efficiency and low heat dissipation. Advanced features allow for safe, optimal charging and long battery life: multi-stage operation, low output ripple, auto boost, automatic temperature compensation and alarm outputs for signalling fault conditions. Several products have UL approval to the UL1236 standard for battery chargers in starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) applications. 

Typically used in a wide range of industrial charging applications, such as standby engines, pumps and fire pumps, generators, and cyclic battery charging, PC&S battery chargers are available in ranges through 60A, DC.  We also provide units for NFPA110 and Fire Pump applications.

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