Resistor bank

"Grid" resistor elements are cut from stainless steel sheets of various thicknesses. Different ohmic values are introduced into the elements by cutting an appropriate number of slots using a technical procedure wich ensures a constant radiating surface and constant stiffness of the grid elements.
After cutting, the grids are held in position by two folded metal strips insulated with mica and fastened to the elements using as many fastenings as there are cuts in the elements.

All the above operations are carried out totally automatically on a numerically controlled machine. Resistor banks are then assembled using grids which are fully insulated from supporting tie-rods by ceramic insulators. The assembly is robust and resistant to shocks and vibration. Connections to the elements can be bolted or spot welded. Both arrangements allow every grid to be a tapping point.


Introduction | Main application | Mechanical characteristics
Identification of enclosures | Other resistors |  Some references

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