Multitek M550 Multifunction Transducer


The M550 PowerCom is a complete 1 phase or 3 phase multifunction AC power transducer packaged in a standard 100mm DIN enclosure.
The M550 is fully programmable through the communication port.

* Phase Voltage (V)
* Line Voltage (V)
* Phase Current (I)
* Frequency (Hz)
* Active Power per phase (W)
* System Active Power (W)
* Reactive Power per phase (VAr)
* System Reactive Power (VAr)
* Apparent Power per phase (VA)
* System Apparent Power (VA)
* Import Active Energy (W.h)
* Export Active Energy (W.h)
* Import Reactive Energy (VAr.h)
* Export Reactive Energy (VAr.h)
* Apparent Energy (VA.h)
* Ampere Energy (A.h)
* Power Factor per phase (P.F.)
* System Power Factor (P.F.)
* Amp Demand (Ad)
* Watt Demand (Wd)
* V A Demand (VAd)
* Maximum Amp Demand (Max Ad)
* Maximum Watt Demand Import (Max Wd)
* Maximum Watt Demand Export (Max Wd)
* Maximum VA Demand (Max VAd)
* Neutral Current

The accuracy of the M550 is Class 0.2 to IEC 688 over the range 10% to 120%. For Active and Reactive energy the accuracy is 1% of reading to IEC 1036.

All data including energy registers, current
and voltage ratios and calibration data is
stored in a non volatile eeprom.

PowerCom uses RS485 Modbus protocol.
This enables remote reading and programming of the PowerCom via a host computer. The RS485 allows up to 32 PowerComs to be connected in parallel, allowing them to be used with PC, PLC, RTU, Data loggers and Scada programs.
The PowerCom’s communication port is auto-configurable meaning that when connected to an existing Modbus network it will automatically set Baud rate, Parity and Stop bits.
A red LED is provided to indicate power is present, and the unit is communicating correctly.

An option of pulsed output via a relay is offered. The pulsed output can be assigned to W.h, VAr.h, (import or export), A.h or VA.h.

CT and VT ratios, demand time, assigning relay to different parameters, pulse duration etc. can all be programmed via the RS485 port.
Set-up and monitoring software is available free from your Multitek distributor or visit the Multitek website

Information required Example
Product Code M550-CT9
Nominal input voltage 230 / 400V AC
Nominal input current 5A AC
System Frequency 50Hz
Auxiliary 230V
Options Pulsed Output

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