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Multitek C-Tran M552

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M560 Multifunction transducer w/ outputs The M560 PowerSig is a complete 1 phase or 3 phase multifunction AC power transducer packaged in one case, with 3 assignable outputs, <index> AC Power Transducer, Multifunction transducer, system transducer, analog outputs, analogue outputs, 3 channels, assignable outputs, RS485  ,  electrical measurements, 3 phase measurements, AC Power Transducer, AC measurements , remote read, remote readability, total system, complete system transducer, Powersig, power communications, one box solution, AC power transducer , export power, Kilo watts, Watts, Vars, Hz, Voltage, Current , combo transducer, assignable outputs, M560AT4, M560AT9

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