The laminated magnetic circuit, in the movable as well as the fixed parts, is made with three limbs in which the coil is housed. The supply can be AC or DC with economy resistor, and the unique design provides very strong attraction with low coil consumption and very regular movement. Special care has been applied in the design of the magnetic circuit, to assure that the closing and opening of the contacts is performed in a single continuous movement, without vibration or bounce, even with relatively unstable voltages. Quiet continuous operation is also maintained even with drops in voltage, while still maintaining strong pressure on contacts. Coils are safely constructed of choice materials, insulated according to the latest standards and are tropicalized as standard.


Depending upon their use, type N contactors can be fitted with the following type of poles:

- "V", without magnetic blow-outs and without arc chutes, for switching at no-load, or under resistive load. Suitable for control of starting resistors and capacitors;

-"S", with magnetic blow-outs and arc chutes, for switching under inductive load up to 10 times the rated current with voltage up to 500V. Suitable for control of squirrel cage motors;

- "FS", with special magnetic blow-outs, deflectors and arc chutes with spark arresting sheets for switching under inductive load up to 10/20 times the rated current, and voltages above 500V. Suitable for control of AC and DC motors and line circuit breakers.

For all above types, the pressure and the contact's gaps are widely adjustable so realizing the possibility of recovering the back-lash produced by the normal wear of contacts.

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