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Multitek MultiPower
M850-LCD AC Meter
M850-LDD DC Meter
Multitek MultiPower
M850-LCD AC Meter MultiPower
M850-LDD DC Meter
Network Analyzer
Multitek MultiPower
Network Analyzer DKM-411 Multitek MultiPower M850-CPT
MultiDigit M842

Portable Power Logger Index
Elite Pro Rental Program
Multitek MultiDigit M842 ElitePRO Rental ProgramDENT ElitePRO XC Power Meter
Multitek MODBUS Registers  
Multitek MODBUS Registers  

Power Monitors for your Generating Sets

PC&S offers power meters for single phase or 3-phase digital metering systems, measuring and displaying up to 22 parameters. These low-cost, simple to use metering systems are ideal for use in switchboards, building management systems, generating sets, distribution feeders, medium and high-voltage control panels, etc. 

Parameters such as CT and PT ratios, demand times, calibration data can be set from the front control buttons.  PC&S power monitors can measure frequencies up to 400Hz. 

All data is retained during power down conditions.  Security levels can be set to prevent unauthorized changes.  These PC&S power monitors also offer a communication option of either RS-232 or RS-485 (Modbus) protocol which enables the reading of up to 32 units on your various systems.  With free software, easy-to-read and understand displays, PC&S power monitors are ideal replacements for analog meters on AC or DC systems.

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