ELITEpro XC Current Transformer Matrix
Complete Power Logger Line

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Powerful and Versatile Loggers to Measure Power Consumption

Allocate energy costs to a diverse mix of products in manufacturing companies.  Sub-meter building facilities that are leased to other commands on military bases. Perform short-term load profiles to determine if and when new electric service is needed in schools and hospitals. Meter large energy consumers who may be at risk for assessment of peak-power penalties or power factor charges. Monitor lighting trends in institutional, commercial and educational facilities. Verify and manage energy consumption.

PC&S offers complete monitoring kits for determining capacity requirements of stand-by generators, too, to keep you in accordance with the new NEC 702.5 regulations for sizing generators in new installations.

The complete line of Power Loggers from PC&S puts you on the road to savings with your power and energy bills!

Power Measurement and Control Specialists

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