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TerraVac DH200 Contactor
N Series Contactors
LTHH/LTE/LTP Series Contactors
LTHS Series Contactors
LTNS Series Contactors

Contactors for Transit and Industrial Applications

With a traditional design which enables them to withstand the highest current ratings in the harshest working conditions, PC&S contactors allow for a very high degree of customization.  These are FULL LOAD break devices.

PC&S contactors offer an excellent balance between dimensions, performance and strength whether you application demands a small, smart device, is operating on vehicles for electric traction, or providing a high power load connection in a heavy-duty, industrial application from 80A,DC to 8000A,DC. Our contactor specialists will help you configure the right part to work efficiently on your low and high voltage AC or DC circuits in a full range of DC control. 

Power Measurement and Control Specialists

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