AC Time & Hour Meters - Series T50

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  • The Series T50 electronic AC hour meter is a low-cost, reliable hour meter incorporating the latest state-of-the-art electronics. It’s quartz-crystal time base insures accurate long term time-keeping.

  • A reliable electromechanical wheel-type indicator is used to store accumulated hours.

  • This compact, tamper-proof meter is sealed against the environment to provide years of service.

  • The T50 elapsed time indicator was designed for use on test and recording equipment, for providing maintenance control, for establishing warranty programs, for measuring machine utilization and production time, or for any application where time-in-use is to be determined.

View PDF Datasheet below or Download Here.

UL and CE Approved Analog Panel Meters

PC&S’ LS and ST series of analog meters are all built to ANSI C39.1 standards.  We offer a number of models that are UL and CE approved.  Models are available in most standard sizes, scales and input ranges.  Choose from a broad selection of AC and DC ammeters, voltmeters and frequency meters, DC process indicators, kilowatt, kilovar and power factor meters.

Choose from available options such as panel gaskets, NEMA 4, rectified movements (from 25-1000Hz), improved accuracy, colored dials, custom artwork, customer logos.

DIN style meters are also available from stock at PC&S in most standard sizes and inputs.  Let PC&S be your single source solution for analog panel meters.

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