Power Transformers

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Transfomers | 600V Class

Why Make Panel Components & Systems your Source for Power Equipment?

PC&S offers a wide range of products offering solutions to any generation, transmission and electrical energy consumption process in the industrial, building and domestic sectors.

PC&S is a dedicated site for electricians and energy managers to source portable power monitors, watt meters, kilowatt hour meters and power dataloggers. We supply everything from simple plug-in meters to powerful three phase monitors. Pricing and brochures online. Next day shipping for most products usually available.

Coupled with our data logger and panel meter ranges, we offer a comprehensive custom design and manufacture service that brings together our extensive industrial design and electronic design experience.

Standard Ratios with a choice of Mountings!

PC&S has commercial grade, low cost window type current transformers typically used with ammeters in such AC applications as panelboards, control panels and engine generators.

Solid core, split-core and clamp-on current transformers that are UL and C-UL listed.  PC&S offers you a choice of many different models:  numerous window sizes, ratios measuring 50-400Hz, primary currents of 10A to 15,000A with secondaries of 0.1A, 1A and 5A.

Whether your application is indoor or outdoor, let PC&S be your single source for high-quality current transformers.

Power Measurement and Control Specialists

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