MultiTek Frequency Relay

M200-F1U Single or 3 phase under frequency
M200-F1O Single or 3 phase over frequency
M200-F1C Single or 3 phase combined frequency

The M200 series frequency relays are designed to monitor the frequency of a system and if the frequency deviates outside the adjustable pre-set limits, the relay will operate.
Typically used in protecting generators against over or under speed, this is achieved as speed is proportional to frequency. Other uses such as monitoring mains power supplies, computer supplies etc.
The user is provided with adjustment of both the trip point of frequency being monitored and the differential As is common with all the M200 relays; on over units the relay energises when the input signal exceeds the trip point. On under units the relay de-energises when the input signal goes below the trip point.
A red LED indicates the state of the relay, whilst a green LED indicates the condition of the power supply. The frequency relays monitor their own power supply so no auxiliary power is necessary.

Product Code Input V Nominal Freq. Options
M200-F1C 230v 50Hz
Rated value Un 57.8<500V+ 25%
Rated Frequency 50/60/400 Hz
Burden <25 VA
Overload 1.5 x Un continuous
2 x Un for 3 seconds

Range 50Hz nominal Adjustable 40 to 60Hz
Range 60Hz nominal Adjustable 50 to 70Hz
Range 400Hz nominal Adjustable 360 to 440Hz
Differential 50 & 60Hz Adjustable 0.3 to 3Hz
Differential 400Hz Adjustable 3 to 30Hz
Repeatability Better than 0.5% of full span
Operating time Typically 200 ms

All units self powered

Single units Approx. 0.4kg. 55mm case
Combined units Approx. 0.6kg. 100mm case

1. On all of the above units an internally set time delay is available for any value between 1 & 10 seconds. To order use the above code, adding a D at the end of the code, e.g. M200-F1U/D 7 seconds (state the fixed delay period)
2. AC auxiliary in range 57.7 to 480 volts
3. Calibration at temperature other than 23º C
4. To prevent nuisance tripping when there is a slight variation in the frequency, the following option is available The external differential is replaced with an external time delay On these units the time delay is adjustable from 200ms to 10 seconds, and the differential is fixed at 1%.
M200-F1X Single or 3 phase under frequency
M200-F1Y Single or 3 phase over frequency
M200-F1W Single or 3 phase combined frequency.

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