MultiTek Thermocouple Temperature Transducer

M100-TJ1 Type J thermocouple
M100-TK1 Type K thermocouple

The M100-TJ1 and TK1 measure the millivolt drop of J and K type thermocouples respectively. Thermocouples are made from two dissimilar metals and as the temperature rises, the mV across the thermocouple increases. The millivolts developed corresponds to the change in temperature, thermocouple manufacturers provide tables showing temperature versus voltage drop. The M100 TJ1 / TK1 measures this voltage change and converts it to an output signal that corresponds to the temperature being monitored. The output from the M100-TJ1/ TK1 is not linearised Thermocouple temperature measurement is used in a variety of applications, including monitoring of temperature of furnaces etc.
The M100 thermocouple transducer is provided with automatic cold junction temperature compensation over the range 0-50 °C. Also provided is thermocouple break protection should the thermocouple leads break, the output from the transducer will go to its maximum or minimum output value, depending on which option is chosen at time of ordering.

Product Code:Temperature:Output:Auxiliary:Frequency
M100-TK1 0-500°C 1 mA 120V 60Hz Up scale

1. Non standard inputs / outputs only as far as technically acceptable.
2. A.C. Auxiliary in range 57.7 to 450 volts
3. Calibration at temperature other than 23°C 4. Up or down scale break protection
Type J Fe/Const. Min. range 0-185°C (min. span 10mV)
Max range 0-870 °C (max. span 50mV)
Type K NiCr/NiAl Min. range 0-245 °C (min. span 10mV)
Max. range 0-1230 °C (max. span 50mV)
Impedance - >10kOhm
Thermocouple Break protection
Upscale or down scale optional
Cold junction compensation - Automatic over the range 0-50 °C
Overload - 10 x input continuous

Rated value mA - 0-1/5/10/20 & 4-20mA
Load resistance - 12/2.4/1.2/0.6 kOhm
Rated value volts - 0-5 / 10 & 1-5 V

Zero - ±2%
Span - ±10%
A.C. Voltage - 115 / 230 / 400 V (± 25% /
45-65 Hz / < 2VA) D.C. Voltage - 24 / 48 / 110 V (± 20%
/ galvanically isolated / <3W)

Approx. 0.4 kg. case 55mm
NOTE No isolation is provided between input and output

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