Having been designed for heavy duty the LTHS, LTHH and LTC contactors are guaranteed for a very high number of operations even under shocks and vibrations. The current breaking circuits of the contactors are equipped with non direct magnetic blow-out circuits (in parallel with the main contacts) made with a high nember of turns in order to work efficiently both with high and low currents. Moreover the indirect magnetic blow-out system makes the LTHS, LTHH and LTC contactors also suitable to operate with quite high frequency current. Main pole contacts are designed for easy cleaning and replacement with normal tools. Relative brushing of the contact surfaces provide self cleaning and low resistance. D.C. control coils operate without economy resistors and with wide working range (al least -30% +30). The high insulation class of the coil guarantees safe operation to very high ambient temperatures. A "Varistor" cuts off the peak voltage when the coil is deenergized. When an A.C. supply is necessaryit is possible to fit a silicon rectifier.
The assembling system of described contactors allows many variants, such as:
- Multipolar contactors;
- Contactors with normally closed poles;
- Contactors with both normally closed and normally open poles
- Contactors without blow-out coils and arc-chutes (type LTHV);
- Mechanically latched contactors

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